Hello there! My name is Lindsay Williams, principal designer of Millhaus Interior Design.

I've been decorating since I was a little girl. From my first bedroom to my college dorm, onto my first apartment and office cubical, decorating the space I inhabited was everything to me.  


Twelve years ago, I fell in love with this handsome fella, moved into his bachelor pad, and immediately changed everything. (Sorry, babe!) What began as a passion project to decorate our home, has evolved into an opportunity to help others create the home or room of their dreams. And so, after a long and rewarding career in Internet Marketing, I ditched the computer and wielded a tape measure and paint chip deck and got to work!


I believe you should LOVE your home. That's why it brings me so much joy to help you realize your home's fullest potential by breathing new life into it and making it reflect YOU. While decorating a home is stressful and overwhelming for some people, it's exciting for me! Quite frankly, it's my calling. 


My sole purpose is to remove the stress and intimidation of decorating and make it accessible, approachable, and FUN (no, seriously!) for you, without breaking the bank. Believe it or not, beautiful, budget-friendly design IS possible, and I'm here to show you how... all while helping you fall in love with your home.


Armed with a knack for finding great deals and beautiful things, I'd love to help make your world more beautiful, one throw pillow at a time. Let's do it!


Learn more about our Interior Design Services, or, if you're ready to jump....contact me today!


I look forward to hearing from you!


Happy Decorating!


Lindsay Willams, interior decorator/interior designer in Madison, Wisconsin.

About Me!

"Millhaus" is one of my nicknames. Yes, it was inspired by the character on "The Simpsons". My maiden name is Millsap, so that's how that happened. #soproud 


I LOVE watching television & movies. I consider myself an expert in all things 'Gilmore Girls', 'Friends', 'Sex in the City' and countless other shows and movies. Bingeing a show with my husband is my most treasured past-time.


Most days you'll find me chasing after my crazy/adorable offspring. I have two... that I'm aware of.


I love good food & drink of all types. But, cheeseburgers, pizza, tacos, IPAs, & good wine play a major role in my life...and pant size.


Ballet, fashion, airplanes, NPR, the Tour de France, & Lyle Lovett are some of my favorite non-edible things.


I am probably best known for the sound of my voice or the size of my personality (and feet!). They are all BIG. xoxo