Daybed Dreamin'

I've always loved the idea of a guest bedroom. It feels so grown-up to me! There's something so special about arriving at a friend's home and having a little space to call your own during your visit. So, on the day I moved into my now husband's bachelor pad, the very first thing I bought for the house was a pair of fluffy white down comforters for the guest bedroom's twin beds. It was literally the last thing we needed for the house, but I was beyond thrilled. What a weirdo, right?! I loved that little guest room and spent a lot of time and energy trying to make it feel cozy and welcoming for guests - which wasn't hard seeing how the room is the size of a shoe box.

Fast-forward ten years and two kids later, our guests have been demoted to an even tinier room about the size of refrigerator. However, when we have a gaggle of guests there's not really anywhere to put all the campers. Since we live in a small lake house, I've always dreamed of having a bunk room in our basement playroom to accommodate everyone, but we don't really have the space for actual bunks. As a quick solution, we added this small IKEA sleeper sofa (below), but it only sleeps one adult or two kiddos.

Gallery wall, Nautical gallery wall, IKEA sleeper sofa

One half of our basement wears many hats: rec room / playroom / Millhaus Design Collective headquarters / storage room / pantry.... Oy. Stop the spinning! But, I can't let go of this DEEP desire to make this multi-tasking space even MORE multi-task-y. I'm on a mission to add more spots for guests to sleep without sacrificing the storage we desperately need.

AND...this mission has a deadline: My 40th birthday party weekend in exactly 4 weeks. Doh! Don't worry. I have a plan.

Behold....THE DAYBED!

Daybeds - modern daybeds, built-in daybeds

A cozy daybed (or two!) with storage underneath is the perfect solution to my design dilemma. Once I clear the enormous pile of pillows and toys, I'll show you the wall where I plan to add this new addition to our playroom. A quick and easy option is to just buy a freestanding daybed like the upholstered one in the top left corner, but it doesn't offer storage.

Alternatively, the Stratton daybed with storage from Pottery Barn (below) is great option, but it comes with a hefty price tag of about $1,500 per bed.

Pottery Barn Stratton Platform Daybed, Daybed with storage

Orrrrrr, I can have the daybed of my dreams custom built by my talented carpenter friend, Paul. I mean, JUST LOOK at all those gorgeous custom daybeds in the Daybed Showdown above. Are you looking?! Do you see why I'm obsessed? Obsessed. But, with time and labor and materials, I wonder if just buying the daybeds from Pottery Barn would be the easier and more cost-effective solution.

In every design or domestic dilemma I face, I always stop and ask myself..... "What would Martha do?". However, since I doubt Martha Stewart is reading my blog, I'd like to ask you....

WHAT WOULD YOU DO?!? Store-bought or Custom-Built Daybed? I'd love hear from you in the comments below.

Have a fabulous day, cuties!!



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